uToolbox ScreenCapture Tool v1.0 Released!

µToolbox ScreenCapture Tool v1.0 released on 4th June 2012. uToolbox ScreenCapture Tool is very simple and easy to use free screen capture utility.

Click on “Entire Screen” button to capture the full screen and “Active Window” button is to capture the active window.

This Screen Capture tool not only captures the active window and entire screen; it also captures the window where the Screen Capture icon is placed. To do this, needs to drag the Screen Capture icon and place on the window/control which you want to capture.

Screen Capture tool will display the preview of the captured window/screen in preview section. If the preview is not available, means nothing is captured Screen Capture Tool will display “No Preview available.” text in preview section.

Once the window/screen is captured, you can save it to a BMP file by clicking on Save icon button.

Use µToolbox forum for any discussions or suggestions on this tool.


** µToolbox Team **

uToolbox ScreenCapture Tool v1.0 Released!

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