uToolbox Tokenizer Tool v1.0 Released!

µToolbox Tokenizer Tool v1.0 released. Tokenizer Tool is very useful tool to do the following operations on the given string/text:

  • To Lower – Convert the text to lowercase. All alphabets in the given text will become lowercase.
  • To Upper – Convert the text to UPPERCASE. All alphabets in the given text will become UPPERCASE.
  • Reverse Case – Convert all lowercase aplphabtes to UPPERCASE and vice versa.
  • Reverse – Reverse the given string.
  • Capitalize – Convert the first letter in each word to UPPERCASE.
  • Tokenize – Split the given text/string into words and display them in line by line.

Tokenizer Tool is very simple to use, and no installation programs are required to insatll this tool. Simple, download the ZIP file, extract into your local system and run the executable file. Whenever you want to uninstall this, just simply delete the Tokenizer Tool files. There is NO installation/uninstallation scripts/setups required to run this application.

Tokenizer Tool also displays the character count & lines count of the given text in the title of the Tokenizer Tool window.

Use the forum µToolbox Forum for any discussions/suggestions about this tool.