Usage of uToolbox Color Picker Tool

µToolbox Color Picker Tool is handy tool used to pick any color on the screen/desktop.

Color Picker Tool provides the simple user interface, contains Picker tool icon to pick the color and display the color value in different formats.

Just drag the Picker tool icon and place it on the area from where you want to pick the color. While dragging the tool, it will pick the color of the area from where the Picker tool icon pointed and display the preview of the Color. Once you release the mouse left button Color Picker Tool will stop picking the color.

Once the color is selected, Color Picker Software Tool will display the color value in different color formats. Currently Color Picker Tool displays HTML, Win32 and C++ color formats. Color Picker Tool allows changing the color format by selecting the entries from the combo box under Color Value group. By selecting the color format entry from the combo box, the Color Picker Tool display the value of the selected color in selected color format.

And Color Picker Tool also display RGB color components of the selected color and allow editing the RGB components. Whenever we modify the RGB color components, the changed color will get affected and Color Picker Tool will display the changed color in color preview control, which is at the right of the Picker control and also the appropriate value of the color will be displayed in selected color format.

By clicking the Close button will close the Color Picker Application.



By uToolboxTeam