Minor Update to uToolbox WordCount Tool v1.0 Released!

A minor update to µToolbox WordCount Software Tool v1.0 Released!

µToolbox WordCount Tool is reliable and easy to use tool to find number of words, characters and lines in the text.

µToolbox WordCount Tool comes with a easy to use user interface and you can grab the text using the WordCount Picker icon. Just you keep your text in the Notepad application and drag WordCount Picker icon and place it on the Notepad. µToolbox WordCount Tool will fetch text from Notepad and display the number of words, lines and characters. You can see the text fetched by this tool by clicking on the icon which is next to “Always on Top” checkbox.

Keep this application always on top by checking “Always on Top” checkbox.

Use µToolbox forum for any discussions or suggestions on this tool.

** µToolbox Team **