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Usage of uToolbox File Encoder Tool

µToolbox File Encoder Tool is very useful tool which allows to encode/decode the files. Once the file is encoded, it is not possible to read/execute the file until the file is decoded back. You need to do the following steps to encode/decode the files using powerful File Encoder Software Tool. Encoding the file: – Double […]

uToolbox Tokenizer Tool v1.0 Released!

µToolbox Tokenizer Tool v1.0 released. Tokenizer Tool is very useful tool to do the following operations on the given string/text: To Lower – Convert the text to lowercase. All alphabets in the given text will become lowercase. To Upper – Convert the text to UPPERCASE. All alphabets in the given text will become UPPERCASE. Reverse […]

Usage of uToolbox Color Picker Tool

µToolbox Color Picker Tool is handy tool used to pick any color on the screen/desktop. Color Picker Tool provides the simple user interface, contains Picker tool icon to pick the color and display the color value in different formats. Just drag the Picker tool icon and place it on the area from where you want […]

uToolbox Magnifier Software Tool

uToolbox’s Magnifier Tool is very useful tool to magnify the portion of the screen/desktop, makes the screen more readable. The Magnifier tool displays a magnified portion of the screen.   Provided a simple user interface to allow the user to magnify the portion of the screen. And also allows to change the magnification level.   […]

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