uToolbox PasswordGenerator Tool v1.0 Released!

µToolbox PasswordGenerator Tool v1.0 Released on 9th June 2012!

uToolbox Password Generator Tool is useful to generate random passwords of given length. It allows to set the password length as 4 to 128 characters long.

Password Generator Tool provides user interface to exclude uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers or special characters in the generated password. You should at least include either uppercase, lowercase, numbers or special symbols in the generated password.

The password must be in 4 to 128 characters long.

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 ** µToolbox Team **

uToolbox ScreenCapture Tool v1.0 Released!

µToolbox ScreenCapture Tool v1.0 released on 4th June 2012. uToolbox ScreenCapture Tool is very simple and easy to use free screen capture utility.

Click on “Entire Screen” button to capture the full screen and “Active Window” button is to capture the active window.

This Screen Capture tool not only captures the active window and entire screen; it also captures the window where the Screen Capture icon is placed. To do this, needs to drag the Screen Capture icon and place on the window/control which you want to capture.

Screen Capture tool will display the preview of the captured window/screen in preview section. If the preview is not available, means nothing is captured Screen Capture Tool will display “No Preview available.” text in preview section.

Once the window/screen is captured, you can save it to a BMP file by clicking on Save icon button.

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** µToolbox Team **

Minor Update to uToolbox WordCount Tool v1.0 Released!

A minor update to µToolbox WordCount Software Tool v1.0 Released!

µToolbox WordCount Tool is reliable and easy to use tool to find number of words, characters and lines in the text.

µToolbox WordCount Tool comes with a easy to use user interface and you can grab the text using the WordCount Picker icon. Just you keep your text in the Notepad application and drag WordCount Picker icon and place it on the Notepad. µToolbox WordCount Tool will fetch text from Notepad and display the number of words, lines and characters. You can see the text fetched by this tool by clicking on the icon which is next to “Always on Top” checkbox.

Keep this application always on top by checking “Always on Top” checkbox.

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** µToolbox Team **

uToolbox FileCopy Tool v1.0 Released!

µToolbox FileCopy Tool v1.0 Released! µToolbox FileCopy Tool is very useful and  easy to use software tool to copy the files.

FileCopy Tool allows to pause/resume the file copy. This freeware utility not only copies the small files; this tool copies the very large files also.

Provided a simple user interface to easily copy the files.

Needs to provide the Source file location and Destination where you want to copy the file. Once click on Start button, the file copy operation will starts. Any time, you can Pause/Resume the file copy by clicking on the Pause/Resume buttons.

If the Source file is already exists, FileCopy tool will prompt the window to Resume/Overwrite the File Copy. Resume will continue the File Copy from where it stopped last time; Overwrite option will overwrite the contents of existing file in the destination and will start the file copy.

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** µToolbox Team **