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µToolbox was launched to provide the most useful and powerful Software Tools for personal computing. µToolbox is powered by skilled professionals from a variety of diverse to develop, publish and support leading software for the various Operating Systems.

At µToolbox, we focus on creating security software, web development tools, business software, software deployment tools, and agile software development tools; refining our software based on our users/customers’ needs and experiences.

Free Software Tools - New Releases / Updates

Magnifier Tool

Magnifier Tool is a useful software tool to magnify the area of the screen. Read more...

Password Generator Tool

PasswordGenerator Tool is useful to generate random passwords of a given length. Read more...

Screen Capture Tool

ScreenCapture Tool is very useful tool to capture the screen/window and display the preview of the captured window/screen. Screen Capture Tool also allows to save the captured window/screen to BMP file. Read more...

Upcoming Freeware Tools

uToolbox Accelerator
uToolbox BackupManager
uToolbox BarcodeGenerator
uToolbox Calc
uToolbox Desktop
uToolbox FileDiff
uToolbox FindDuplicates
uToolbox FolderLock
uToolbox HistoryCleaner
uToolbox LOCMetrics
uToolbox LogoCreator
uToolbox Notepad
uToolbox PasswordManager
uToolbox PingTester
uToolbox RegistryMechanic
uToolbox SeriesGenerator


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