Republish Article: Internet Security and Anti-virus Software – Why Buy It?

Internet Security and Anti-virus Software – Why Buy It?

Author: Chris Derenberger

Let's talk a little about the impact of viruses, Internet related threats and how they effect your computer and privacy.

First off, is it really necessary to have anti-virus and firewall software installed on your computer? Afterall, with only 200 new threats created daily, who really cares? Is it really that big of a deal if hackers are able to access your computer, look through your data, user names, passwords, and account information? Seriously, is identitiy theft really that important to you? Or what about the viruses that cause your computer to go so slow you think you will never be able to load your Internet browser. Why should you worry about malware that can cause your system files to be destroyed or your favorite family photos stored on your computer to disappear in an instant? Does it concern you that your email can be sent to thousands of spam sites and pop-ups are all over your screen offering you software to fix your computer?

Any idea what causes these types of issues? How about malware, which broken down is short for malicious software such as viruses, trojans, worms, rootkits, spyware, adware, I think you get the point. Oh wait, I forgot, you have a customized super sized computer that is not vulnerable to viruses. When I hear people tell me this, I tend to wait and act surprised when they come back saying, "oh no, I got a virus".

It does not matter how sophisticated your computer is, you are vulnerable to malware! If you don't have internet security software installed on your pc, you are at risk of being infected with viruses, spyware and even hackers that want nothing more than to steal your information.

So what should you do now that you already have viruses on your computer? Well you could download the latest internet security software and hope it will detect, delete or repair the infected files. Many times you will have to do a re-format of your harddrive which will cause you to lose everything on your computer so be sure to save what you want first. If you do a re-format, it has to be done properly, or it will not delete the viruses. I would recommend you to contact your local computer shop.

Although Internet security and anti-virus software will protect you against these threats, no software is guaranteed to block 100% of all malware. Many of these threats are found on websites that you visit and files that you download such as video's, music and pictures. If you use peer to peer file sharing, I am sure you already know all about viruses and spyware. Want a hint? Stop downloading from those sites and you will stop getting viruses.

Okay, here are a couple internet security software programs I recommend that offer the best protection, features and support. First is Security Shield 2008, this is a rebrand of F-Secure and is absolutely amazing and easy to use. Another is Kaspersky Internet Security, another well designed software program with hourly updates.

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Republish Article: Part 2 of 2: What is the Difference Between Spyware + Adware and Computer Virus

Part 2 of 2: What is the Difference Between Spyware + Adware and Computer Virus


Now between the adware and spyware viruses are very bad. Now a virus can create a lot of damage and its main purpose is to spread all around your pc and duplicate it self in different areas. There main purpose is to destroy and damage as much of the operating system as they can. Which most of them cause a lot of damage when you try and load a website, dither it will take the website a long time to load or it will redirect it self to another website.

Now and days you actually need to have a good virus and a couple of good spyware software installed on your PC so that it can try and block and detect any intrusion to your PC when you search a website. Now this software’s like I said are dedicated in keeping your PC secure and protected from all the bad websites and programs out on the Internet.

One great hint that I will give you is that never download programs that you don’t know about especially anything that you find free on websites. The reason it is free is because most likely it will have additional programs in it, so when you agree to the license in the program you are also agreeing the software company to install other programs or to gather information on what websites you have been to. Most of the time people never read the license agreement and just by-pass that information.

Conclusion of the story don’t download programs you don’t know about also never download files that you get in your E-Mail from people you don’t know about. All of this is a way to expose your PC and weaken the security of it so that they can get access to your PC with or with out your knowledge.

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