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How to Reset the Administrator Password on a Mac
by Emily Chang

If you’ve misplaced or simply forgotten the administrator password on your Mac, you won’t be able to perform necessary software updates, change certain settings or install new software. You may even be unable to log in to your computer. However, there are ways you can bypass or reset the administrator password on your Mac and take back control.

Step 1: Insert the Mac OS X Install Disk ( No. 1) that came with your computer (not Mac OS X Install Disk No. 2).

Step 2: Restart your computer and hold down the key on your keyboard. This will ensure your Mac boots from the install CD.

Step 3: Choose your language and accept the license terms, then select Reset Password from the Installer menu.

Step 4: Pick your hard drive (probably named Macintosh HD) and choose the name of the administrator whose password should be reset.

Step 5: Select a new password. Don’t forget it.

Step 6: Restart your computer and log in using the administrator password you just reset.

Well, it seems easy to reset the admin password on Mac, and if you forgot Windows password, how would you reset the password? Though you can take the password reset disk to reset the forgotten password, if you have not created a Windows password reset disk, what should you do?

Take easy! There are so many Windows password recovery tools which can give a big help to you for Windows password recovery. As is known to all, Windows Password Unlocker can help you reset the forgotten or lost Windows local and domain administrator and other user account password, which prevents you from accessing your computer. With this efficient Windows password recovery utility, you can enjoy quick access to your locked computer without formatting, no matter what your PC brand and Windows OS are. 100% recovery rate is guaranteed.

Key features about Windows Password Unlocker:

Instantly reset Windows password on local account for administrator and other user account password for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/ 2003/2000 by using the following 3 options:

Remove Windows local password

Change Windows local password

Create a new local administrator account

Reset Windows Domain Password

2 efficient options to reset administrator and user passwords on domain account for Windows server 2000/2003(R2) /2008 (R2) acting as domain controllers.

Change domain password to a new one

Create a new domain administrator account

Reset Password Instantly within 3 Steps

3 simple steps: Download – Burn – Reset under Win PE

Step1: Download Windows Password Unlocker

Step 2: Burn a bootable CD/DVD/USB drive in a few seconds

Step 3: Reset lost Windows password under Win PE in minutes.

Reset Password for Various PC Brands

Efficiently reset lost Windows login password for various brands of desktops, laptops and tablet PCs, like Dell, Hp, Sony, Toshiba, Acer, Samsung and ThinkPad, with many types of hard disks supported, like RAID, SATA, IDE and SCSI.

More Information:

What if you forgot the password on Windows XP or Vista? Ask for a Windows password recovery tool to reset Windows password with ease.


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Reset Windows 7 Password in Different Situations

Author: Chris

An increasing number of computer users show their favor to Windows 7 operating system these days. That would be the reason why more and more people are getting so frustrated by being locked out from Windows 7. So, we will introduce and demonstrate the steps on how to reset Windows 7 password.

Part A. For computers got more than one user accounts, however you must know at least one of the passwords.

It means you are able to get access to the computer with other accounts which you know the password, and then reset Windows password for the accounts you cannot log on.

Following are the steps for which you could have a try and also have been tested here by us.

Step 1: Log on with other account, and click Start icon then input "mmc.exe" into the search box and Enter. Now you are in Console.

Step 2: Click "File" > "Add/Remove Snap-in".

Step 3: Find "Local users and Groups" in "Available Snap-ins" on the left, click Add > Finish > OK.

Step 4: Display the "Local users and Groups" in Console Root, choose "Users" and right click on the account which you need to reset the password.

Step 5: Now you can input a new password without knowing the lost one.

However, there still are some defects for this method. As the account you are trying to reset the password will lose access to all of its encrypted files, stored passwords and personal security certificate. Please be no worried since there would be a warning when you run these steps.

Part B. For computers which get only one account or all the password of the accounts are lost.

At this time, you cannot even log on to the system or you can only get access to the windows log in page at most. Windows Password Reset is the one will be demonstrated here.

Sometimes when you are locked out from the computers, you are not able to download or install any programs to reset Windows password should you got one. But this can be easily solved; you can download the program and install it to another unlocked computer. For Windows Password Reset, you may need a CD or USB to burn the files on. Then the bootable CD/USB will bring you to DOS or Win PE to reset the password.

Step 1. Download and install the program.

Step 2. Burn the bootable disc or USB.

Step 3. Set BIOS to make the computer boot from the disc/USB.

Step 4. Enter into DOS or Win PE to reset Windows 7 password.

In addition, some people always get confused that why they need the password as a permission to download and install the program. That is because the computer is under secure and it will only accept the programs which are downloaded by the Administrator. So if you log on as other accounts and trying to reset Windows password for the administrator, then you may also need to download and install the program on another computer, just the same as what we introduced above.

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Reset Windows password tip – This method could help you reset Windows 7 password.

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Top 4 Options to Reset Windows Password

Author: Chris

Forgot Windows password? Don't feel frustrated or annoyed. Windows has some handy features that allow you to recover or reset Windows password on your own, for whatever reason you cannot gain access to your user account. Below are listed 4 of them. These Windows password reset methods will work in all versions of Windows like Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Option 1: Windows Password Hint

Whenever you create or change Windows password, there will be an opportunity to type a password hint to help you remember the password. When you enter a wrong password in the Windows logon screen, the password hint will be displayed to remind you of how you made up your password (if you have created one). This is the easiest method to recover a lost password in Windows as far as I know. To in case that others will take advantage of the password hint, please note it should be vague enough so that nobody else can guess your password, but clear enough that it will remind you of your password.

Option 2: Windows Password Reset Disk

This is an easy and effective method but you must have created a Windows password reset disk first, before you lost Windows password. But please note that the password reset disk will only work for the account it was created for and cannot be used to reset the password of another account.

To create a password reset disk, you firstly need to log on Windows and enter User Accounts by clicking Start button, Control Panel, User and Family Safety, and User Accounts. Then you can click Create a password reset disk on the left pane (Just as shown on the below picture). A password reset disk wizard will come up, and then you can follow it to create a password reset disk.

If you forgot Windows password, boot your computer to enter Windows logon screen. You'll get the reset password option when you type an incorrect password at the logon screen and press Enter. Click on the option and the password reset wizard will pop up to guide you to reset Windows password.

Option 3: System Recovery Options

Apart from Create a password reset disk, the System Recovery Options can also help you when you need to reset Windows password. You can either use a Windows installation disc or the recovery options provided by your computer manufacturer to access the System Recovery Options. Of course, you can also create a system repair disc by yourself.

1. Type system repair disc into the search box in the Start menu and press Enter.

2. Insert a CD/DVD into the optical drive and hit Create disc.

This creates the system repair disc. To start the System Recovery Options, insert the system repair disc into the optical drive and reboot the PC via the disc. Select your Windows installation from the list when prompted. The System Recovery Options are now displayed.

Option 4: Windows Password Reset Software

Considering that many users never create a password reset disk or system repair disc, here we list option 4 – Windows Password Reset Software. The big advantage of this option is that you can reset the password easily in 5 minutes, without doing anything to in case of a lost password, like creating a disk. And it can help you reset Windows password whether you can log on your PC or not. There is plenty of such software on the Internet. Here we suggest Windows Login Recovery.

1. Download and Install Windows Login Recovery in any accessible computer.

2. Create a bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive with the software.

3. Set CD-ROM or USB device as the first boot device in BIOS for your PC.

4. Boot your PC from the created CD/DVD or USB flash drive and reset Windows password.

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Lost Windows password? This article shows 4 Windows password reset options to help you reset Windows password.