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Mask IP – How to Protect Yourself Online

Author: Martin Greif

Why do people use IP masking software?

Some may think that people are trying to do bad stuff on the Internet, but there really are valid reasons to Mask IP addresses. Let me start by explaining that an IP address is used to route information back and forth between your PC and the websites you visit. Unfortunately, it is also a way for websites to identify your computer and where you are located in the world. With your IP address, websites can then block you from gaining access to their website. So not only can they block you based on your username but also by your IP address.

Did you know that when you are using a public WiFi such as at the airport, hotel or hotspot that your Internet communication is open for any hacker to retrieve your personal information. For example, if you go to your online banking account, a hacker can retrieve your login information to that particular site. Some IP masking products supply encryption to your Internet communication so you are protected from hackers trying to steal your personal information.

Are you planning a trip abroad and want to watch your local television shows? Well, you won’t be able to because your IP address is going to show that you are out of the country and they won’t let you access those programs due to distribution laws by the TV affiliates. If you find an IP masking product that has a server located in your country then you can access your shows by going through their IP proxy server.

Here’s another problem with traveling abroad and how your IP address impacts your web-browsing enjoyment. Depending on where you are traveling some countries actually ban certain websites from displaying in their country. Once again this is tracked by your IP address while in that country so you may not be able to access basic websites that you need. Another thing that can happen, is if you are using your browser to search for something, your search engine is going to know that you are out of the country and they are going to display that countries language in your search engine which you may not understand.

Have you ever wondered how sporting events are blocked in the general location of where the event is taking place? They are able to do this based on your IP address and the fact that they know it is in that local area. By using IP masking software, you can change your location to the IP proxy server location that you are connecting through. You may want to make sure the IP masking software has multiple servers in the off chance that their IP proxy server is located in the same general area as you are.

Did you know that the search engines can track you based on your IP address? Basically they know every website you visit. They say they track this information because they want to enhance your surfing experience. What they are basically doing is profiling you and putting you into some type of category. Well, is it really any business of theirs where you surf on the Internet. With an IP masker product, you will be accessing their IP proxy servers where your IP address will be the same as the other users that have accessed their IP proxy servers. This way they have no real way of tracking what you specifically are doing on the Internet. Instead they are profiling all users of the IP proxy servers so how valid is their profile now.

Have you ever been banned from a website because of some snippety moderator? Once again, they are able to ban you because they are putting a block on your IP address. In order to gain access to the website, you will need to create a new username and password, delete your cookies and use a Mask IP product to mask your IP address.

There are definitely valid reasons to use an IP masker product while surfing the Internet. I’m always amazed with some of the different reasons that people want to mask their IP address. I’m not as actively involved on the Internet like some people so I just didn’t understand the benefits to using an IP masker product. And I’m sure that as the Internet grows there will be even more reasons to mask your IP address.

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