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Advantages of Php Development

Author: Nasir Mehmood

PHP Hypertext Processor is a server-side web programming language that can be embedded into HTML. PHP uses are widespread, and can include any kind of server functionality that takes user's input and displays or manipulates the input. PHP can run on both UNIX and Windows servers, which makes it more accessible than Windows (ASP). This scripting language is growing day by day. PHP5 a fully object oriented language and its platform independence and speed on Linux server helps to build large and complex web applications.
PHP is a particularly useful programming language because it allows for advanced programming and is easy to integrate with web pages. Another plus of PHP is that the language interfaces very well with MySQL, a popular type of online database. MYSQL is a commercial grade database application that is made available free under the Open Source to anyone. Another plus of PHP is that it is Open Source Code. The actual code that is PHP is available to the public for free, while the source code for products such as ASP is not. So PHP is very cheap. Because PHP is open source, there is a large community of PHP programmers that help each other with code. This means PHP programmers can rely on each other by using reusable pieces of code called functions and classes rather than constantly reinventing the wheel. This can dramatically cut down on production time.
PHP is based on C++ language and the syntax used in PHP is quite similar to C/C++. C/C++ is still considered the best programming language by many programmers and people who love this language would surely feel more comfortable with the syntax of PHP.
PHP and MySQL are excellent choice for webmasters looking to automate their web sites. Now search spiders "see" all the content on a PHP page, the same way it is viewed in a browser. The creation of a php-shopping cart is surprisingly simple and when done with precision it could translate into a highly effective and universally accepted php-shopping cart.

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Sql: Coalesce() Function


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When developing queries in SQL Server, dealing with nulls can often be challenging. The COALESCE function was included in SQL 2005 to help deal with these issues. First let’s take a look at what COALESCE can offer. Generally, COALESCE function receives a sequence of values and a default value to used when all of items in the sequence of values are null. From here the function returns the first not-null in the sequence of values list.


There is a requirement of showing a user’s full name and how much money they get paid per week. This scenario will be divided up into two segments, displaying the user’s full name and then computing and showing their weekly earnings. Please feel free to use the attached database to follow along.


In this first example, suppose there is a table of users that have the columns FirstName, MiddleName and LastName. The table holds the following values:


In many applications, the requirement of welcoming the user is often needed. So, to put the user’s full name on the screen, a stored procedure using the COALESC function properly format all three fields into one field. So the query using COALESCE looks like this:


SELECT (FirstName + ' ' + COALESCE(MiddleName,'') + ' ' +
COALESCE(LastName,'')) AS FullName
FROM Users

The results will look like this:


For the next example, let’s extend the previous example by adding some information on how much the users get paid per week. Some users get paid by the hour while others get paid on a salary with a commission, so the table reflects this information.

For this example the table looks like this:



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Dragonfable Trainer Download | Best Trainer

Author: Henrik Hansen

First a little bit about dragonfable then i will show you the dragonfable trainer download.

Dragonfable is a popular role playing game that is played through a webbrowser. In the game you play a hero that must fight monsters and do quests in order to gain experience points and gold to level up and buy armor and weapons. But there are ways to cheat in the game that i will show you here and i will include a website where you can download this program online.

The trainer for dragonfable lets you cheat in dragonfable by allowing you to change your stats, it lets you have a temperaly dragon amulet, it lets you cheat your gold and xp, and it have a cool trick that will let you do a great deal of damage when in a battle.

It also have a button that lets you end a quest instantly which can be useful for long and tedius quests. Along with all this it also lets you edit all your weapons and armor and your in game pets.

This is a picture of the downloaded trainer and as you can see here there are alot of cool things you can do with it.

The trainer the picture is taken from, is one of the best trainers there is for dragonfable now and it works by loading the game inside the program and allowing you to change whatever you like with the game without loading it in firefox or internet explorer. For this dragonfable trainer download please visit the website below for more informatinon.

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