Republish Article: The Importance Of Data Portability And Stimulus Preparation

The Importance of Data Portability and Stimulus Preparation
by Jamie Hanson

Making a decision about which EMR software to choose can feel like a bet. Are you picking the right technology provider? Will they be around for the long haul? What happens to my data if I want or need to change electronic medical record software providers?

Things change-and change could affect your electronic medical record (EMR). That’s why it’s important to choose an EMR that will qualify for stimulus funding as well as guarantee data portability.

EMR Stimulus funding
Doctors considering an EMR should be certain that the system is certified and stimulus-ready. That’s the case with gloEMR. In fact, we’ll refund the cost of the EMR to eligible professionals who go through our exclusive gloDNA process then find themselves unable to qualify as a meaningful user and acquire stimulus funding.

EMR Data portability
You have an enormous investment in the patient information you’ve created, so you should always have the option of moving it to another system if the need arises – and you can do that easily with gloEMR. We believe so strongly in data portability, we guarantee that your patient information will be stored in Microsoft-based formats, including Microsoft Word and SQL Server, which are supported by thousands of technology partners worldwide.

Consider gloEMR
gloStream provides doctors with certified, voice-enabled Microsoft Office-embedded electronic medical record and practice management solutions. Our products and services are delivered through a community of certified technology partners located across the country. Learn more about how gloStream solutions improve patient care, enhance workflow and create significant efficiencies in office administration.
gloEMR 5.0., like all gloStream EMR software, is easy to learn and use. The software leverages the power of several key Microsoft products so you can easily configure your EMR dashboard and exam notes without the need for expensive programming. EMR software should be easy to use – plain and simple.

With gloEMR, you’ll have the tools and knowledge you need to achieve truly meaningful use-and you’ll always have complete control over all of your patient information. We guarantee it.

EMR Software adoption is expected to increase significantly over the next several years thanks to Federal stimulus money earmarked for the implementation of electronic medical recordssystems nationwide..source {font-size: 11px; color: #575757; font-family: Arial; text-decoration: none;};

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